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ASTM D6751 Biodiesel Specifications
BQ-9000 Critical Specifications

• Flash Point ASTM D93
• Water and Sediment ASTM 2709
• Kinematic Viscosity: 40C ASTM D445
• Sulfated Ash ASTM D874
• Sulfur ASTM D5453
• Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D130
• Cetane Number ASTM D613
• Cloud Point ASTM D2500
• Carbon Residue ASTM D4530
• Acid Number ASTM D664
• Free and Total Glycerin ASTM D6584
• Total P, Ca, Mg, Na & K combined D4951 & EN14538
• Distillation ASTM D1160
• Visual Inspection for Water ASTM D4176
• Oxidative Stability D2274 & EN14114
• Cold Soak Filtration Test (CSFT) D6751 Annex



Biodiesel Quality Laboratory - ASTM D6751

At Biodiesel Analytical Solutions (BAS), we are committed to finding the highest quality analyzer available for each specification. If a superior technology exists, BAS secures a contract with the manufacturer to offer our customers only the best for each analysis. We also calibrate each application for you.
Total Acid Number ASTM D664
Mettler-Toledo T-90
One click titration for TAN, iodine value, free fatty acids, and volumetric Karl Fischer moisture using a color touch-screen interface. Coulometric KF also available as model C30X.
  • Automated Method
  • Weigh sample, load and walk away
  • Automate method reduces labor by almost 1 hour per sample
Flash Point ASTM 93
Ametek Petrolab PMA4
The PMA4 automates the Pensky-Martens Closed Cup (PMCC) flash point test. The PMA 4 occupies a bench-top area of only 23 cm wide and 47 cm in depth. Multi-function-head - ONE-TWIST with its quickcoupling basically avoids touching the hot surfaces. The PMA 4 is equipped with multiple sensors which monitor the proper functioning of this instrument.
Sulfur ASTM D5453
Horiba SLFA-UV21A
HORIBA's SLFA-UV21A is the latest sulfur analyzer instrument that reflects the demanding needs to measure ultra-low sulfur fuels, diesel and RFG. SLFA-UV21A conforms to the standard "ASTM D5453(USA)" The use of combustion ultraviolet fluorescence provides a lower detection limit of 30 ppb and a measurement range of 30 ppb to 1 wt%.
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