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We are Biodiesel Solution Providers dealing with complete turn-key laboratories designed for the Biodiesel manufacturer or testing lab and providers of the Mcgyan Biodiesel Process.

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June 14th, 2010

International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo, St Louis, MO - BAS and Mcgyan will be displaying the revolutionary Mcygyan Biodiesel Process

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April 18th, 2010

2010 Waste-to-Fuels Conference & Trade Show, in Jacksonville, FL - Exhibiting the BAS turn-key biodiesel laboratory and the Mcgyan Biodiesel Process.

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Mcgyan® Biodiesel Process


  • Oil to Fuel One Step Continuous Process 

  • Oil to Fuel in Seconds

  • All Known Feedstocks  

  • Ageless Catalyst

Current State-of-the Art Mcgyan®

Consumes catalyst

Yes No
Uses large amounts of water Yes No
Produces waste products Yes No
Products soap byproducts Yes No
Requires large footprint Yes No
Sensitive to water Yes No
Sensitive to free fatty acid content Yes No
Uses large quantities of strong acids or bases Yes No
Conversion rate Hours Seconds
Converts free fatty acids to biodiesel No Yes
Can use a variety of feedstocks No Yes
Produces glycerol as a major byproduct Yes No
Is a continuous process No Yes

Here is how it works:

The process is termed the Mcgyan® process after the names of the inventors (McNeff, Gyberg and Yan). The process performs a catalytic conversion of triglycerides and free fatty acids into fatty acid methyl esters (FAMES); in other words into biodiesel. In addition to the environmental advantages of producing a biofuel that replaces conventional fossil fuels (fossil fuels have detrimental effects on the environment since they release sequestered carbon compounds and other pollutants into the atmosphere, whereas bio-based fuels such as biodiesel are more environmentally friendly since their use recycles carbon through renewable biomass and because they burn cleaner than petroleum fuels), this new process offers several advantages over current biodiesel production methods. 

The Mcgyan® Process
A Simple Continuous Reactor


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