This is your ONE STOP SHOP for equipping your entire biodiesel laboratory.
One vendor for all your biodiesel lab supplies.

Our BAS specialists will install each piece of equpiment and train your lab personnel to ensure proper usage of the equipment. Using the ASTM methods, we work with your lab technicians to help with compliance and quickly get your lab up and running.

Not only does BAS guarantee each analyzer but we also calibrate each one. This turn-key solution relieves the stress of specificing, shopping, installing, and certifying your biodiesel laboratory. What could be easier, one call - one complete lab!

Every once in a while a new technology comes along and creates a buzz - excitement! The Mcgyan Biodiesel Process is such a technology.

Imagine a biodiesel process that can reduce your manufacturing costs and increase profits all while being greener. No more strong acids or bases, use cheaper feedstocks, insensitivity to free fatty acids and water, and a continuous process in seconds, not hours. read more

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